What do we mean by Health and Safety?

Our aim is to have no accidents or incidents and have developed standard procedures and detailed plans for safety and environmental compliance in our workplace. Health, safety and environmental awareness is not only the responsibility of management, it is a responsibility that all employees must share. In particular, Building Product Solutions expects those working for us directly, and on our behalf, to work safely, act responsibly, adhere to health, safety and environmental rules and procedures, use protective equipment where necessary and generally contribute to the maintenance of safe and healthy conditions and to protect surrounding communities and the environment. We ensure that the design and operation of our facilities prevent losses and/or the interruption of business.

All of us are responsible for inspecting, evaluating and controlling all process changes and work procedures in order to maintain a safe, secure work environment. If any incidents arise, or any deficiencies are identified, we report them immediately through the appropriate channels. We promptly investigate, document and take appropriate action in response to any report.

Our approach to protecting people and the environment extends to our suppliers and contractors of whom we expect similarly high standards.

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