Building Product Solutions was founded in July 2009 in the midst of a double dip recession. Since then we’ve quickly risen to the forefront of the industry as the leader through innovation and strong emphasis on product quality. 

Our reputation has been built by hard work and determination; we want the best for our customers and we pride ourselves on top quality products with a quick turn-around time.

We know we excel in customer service, from delivery drivers to office staff our team is trained to ensure your experience is quick, easy and simple and that’s something we strive to consistently improve we are constantly driving and developing product innovation as we are a dedicated manufacturer to this specific niche sector.


Building Product Solutions aims to be the preferred supplier of quality windows and doors to the new build sector, whilst being known for providing the best customer service in the industry. 



Having spent more years than I care to remember in this industry, I know the kind of company I want my name and reputation to be associated with. An industry leader on innovation with a strong emphasis on product quality and dedicated to customer service, we are constantly driving and developing product innovation. Our reputation has been built by working hard at ensuring that we reach a balance with a quality, mass produced product delivered on time with a keen eye on customer satisfaction. Introducing the A Rated windows sets us apart from the competition.

Ian Harrison
Founder and MD


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