Cavity Closers for Newbuild

Our innovative Cavity Closer has been designed to be a simple, quick and easy to use product helping you to install windows as easily and as trouble free as possible.

Our system ensures that all brick openings are the correct size from top to bottom and side to side, and they are available in standard off the shelf brick opening sizes.

Ensuring that when you come to install your windows they fit effortlessly using the simple click fit and screw system creating a single unit.

Cavity Closer Specification

  • Fully Welded Four Sided Design
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Trickle Vent Head
  • No need for Temporary Timber Support
  • Time Saving, Easy Installation
  • Unique Window Installation Clip System
  • Perfect Window to Closer Fitting forming a single unit
  • Part F Compliant Trickle Ventilated Head
  • Simple Twist-In Brick Tie System
  • Clean Detail For Window Reveals
  • 50 – 110mm Cavity Widths

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